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Aliaksandr Tsiarentsyeu

Personal information:

Date of Birth: 26.09.1979

Experience: 17 years

Contact Information:





Technician-mechanic, manager.  Bobruisk State Motor Transport College.

Assigned additional qualifications: driver of BC category, car repairer of 3 ranks, tinman of 3 ranks, car painter of 2 ranks.


Work experience and personal skills:

2014-present times:

Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units.

CNC Mashinist.

Adjustment at idle speed and in operating mode of mechanical and electromechanical devices, machine tools with programmed control for processing of average and high complexity of details. Zero adjustment and clamping devices. Programming Simens Sinumerik 840D. Establishment of technological processing sequence. Selection of cutting, control and measuring tools and devices on the technological map. Installation and change of tools and tools. Check and control the measuring instrument of the correct installation of tools and tools in the coordinate system. Debugging, making trial parts and passing them to the OTK. Correction of cutting modes according to the results of the work of the machine. Troubleshooting the operation of electromechanical devices. Adjusting the grippers of industrial manipulators used in the technological, electrical, lifting and transport and heat-power industries. Checking machine tools for accuracy, manipulators and stackers for operability and positioning accuracy. Delivery of the adjusted machine to the operator; CNC machine operator training.

Participation in projects:

-participation in the launch of the production line of 5 axial machine tools HB-800 with cnc system Simens Sinumerik 840D. Produced parts and assemblies belong to the undercarriage and steering of tractor models Belarus 320/422/622


Self employed.

Head of sewing production.

Management, planning and organization of garment production. Implementation of the management of the production activity of the sewing workshop. Search for orders to perform and ensure an uninterrupted production process. Maintenance and implementation of production contracts and assignments. Timely maintenance of technical equipment and other fixed assets as well as performance of schedules for their repair. Coordination and implementation of recruitment of workers and employees, their arrangement and expedient use. Organization of work to increase profits and attract the client base.


Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units.

CNC Machinist.

Seting up the machine and the tool in accordance with the manufacturing instructions. Running the program on CNC machines. Installing blanks and tools on the installation card. Checking and adjusting control programs.  Manual control of the machine during the preliminary testing of new programs to detect possible errors. Correction of the control program and recording of control programs independently. Monitoring the condition and operation of equipment. Control of the production process on CNC machines. Evaluation of the quality and accuracy of parts manufactured using measuring instruments.

Participation in projects:

-participation in the launch of 3 axes CNC GF2171. He was trained in the adjustment and maintenance of CNC control systems FAGOR 8037 and MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC 60S MELDASMAGIC 64. The parts and assemblies are part of the running gear of the tractor models Belarus 320/422/622


Legprom Development Company

CNC Operator.

Manufacturing of technological equipment for casting with complex geometry of forming elements. Control of matrix and punch production for the production of articles. Management of a group of machine tools with programmatic control. Install the presform on the desktop. Selection and installation of instrument blocks with the replacement and tuning of the instrument. Software monitoring, configuration and maintenance of  HEIDEHAIN CNC systems.


Company Belshina

Senior Security Controller.

The organization of work of the guard unit for the protection of objects, cargo, material assets from unlawful attacks, including on the route. Ensures compliance with the bandwidth and internal mode. The definition of the tasks of the guard, the distribution of subordinate employees by posts, the timely replacement of guards. Calculation of the guard for actions in the event of emergency situations at the protected facility. Keeping the service documents of the guard.


The company Bobruiskselmash

Head of transport department.

Management of the transport department. Implementation of methodical and technical management of production and economic activities. Realization of control over the fulfillment of planned transportation and plans for major repairs of cars by the auto repair shop. Provision of centralized transportation, timely and uninterrupted maintenance of the organization's units by cars. Maintenance of operational readiness of cars, road-building machines and organization mechanisms. Conducting operational accounting and reporting.


Republic of Belarus

Language proficiency:

Russian, Belarusian - native.


Additional Information:

Confident user  PC

Driver's license B (18 years)

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From 2000 EUR

Employment Type

Full time


Unfinished middle

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