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Professional Experience and Significant Achievements

        1. (Work From Home in the USA from 5pm till 1am Kyiv time) - F/T (sometimes worked 15 hours per day 6 days per week)
        1. 2014 – Sep 2017


        1. Involved:


  • Sep 2014  Feb 2015   Call – Center Assistant   conducted employment interviews with Americans in the USA through New York  Skype number (from 35 100 phone calls per working day). American candidates thought that I called from New York office.


  • Feb 2015 – July 2015Head Of HR Department – employed 40 50 Ukrainian People by conducting interviews with them and taught them through how to conduct interviews with Americans in the USA.

Also, passed over my HR Duties and taught a new employee how to work as HR Manager/ taught her through the whole working process for 2 months (how to answer emails from the USA employees and how to work with Ukrainian employees (Call – Center Assistants), also encouraged them to a great results of  phone – call interviews with American people.


  •  July 2015 – August 2015   Senior Supervisor for the Reshipping Company in the USA – answered per day from 30 – 100 emails and about 30 phone calls with American Distribution Managers employees.


  •  August 2015 – Feb 2016 – controlled 4 departments (HR department,  Stock Take Department, Supervisors and was Chatting Manager with USA people) – answered all questions to the new American Employees about  Employment Contracts and  duty responsibilities;


  • Feb 2016 – Sep 2017  


  • HR Manager Employed 30 Best American Amazon/ eBAY Sellers (took their Resumes from the Career Builders Website in the USA).



  • Senior Amazon/ eBAY Supervisor – worked with Amazon/ eBAY Power/ Best Sellers Entrepreneurs (their age from 45 – 65 years old).

Duties Involved:  Controlled Their Stock Take, Chase them to list products on the eBAY/ Amazon, checked the Minimum Selling Prices, Opened Claims with Customer Services of Amazon, if managers  had any problems with disbursement of funds. Also dealt with much different American organization upon Director’s request, such as renting warehouses, hiring a van for transportation of the products etc. Worked with the lawyer’s companies asking for an advice and assistant in some selling issues. Generated Financial Reports for the Amazon/ eBAY Managers based on their Sales by requesting transferring the funds to our Companies banks throughout the world.

F.Y.I. One Amazon Sales Manager was transferring per month US $40, 000.00 – US $50,000.00 and we promised to increase the supply of the products so they can make clear sales for  US $100, 000.00 per month. I was managing all communication and correspondence with my Amazon/ eBAY managers it was like my own business. No one was in Control of me. I just was making reports about the situations at the end of the day to the Director in Russian.



        1. owner in Ukraine: 2008- 2015


Providing English/ Ukrainian/ Russian Entrepreneur Services.


Wholesales Export of Biofuel (firewood, brikets of PiniKay and ROOF, wood pellets to Germany, Austria and Poland).


F.Y.I.   I can provide bank statements of money flow for this period as a proof of a business process.

        1. + LLP trading as Vision
        2. Devon, United Kingdom)


Personal Assistant to Senior Executive of Vision UK   (02/2007 – 10/2008)


Duties involved:


  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Reception
  • Keeping Diary
  • Sales Initiatives
  • Marketing Promotions
  • General Management
  • Auditing
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Dealing with sales and purchase invoices
  • Employee wages payments (by cheques)
  • Sales of properties
  • Staff Training
  • Computer Literacy
  • Stock Inventory/ Control
  • Professional liaison
  • Worked under high pressure and strict deadlines
  • Staff recruitment/ Training
  • Interpretation (PolishEnglish, English- Russian, Russian- Polish)







Mailing Centre of Post Office

        1. Devon, United Kingdom)                        

Data Entry Clerk    (11/2006  –  01/2007)


Duties involved:

  • entering mail addresses  on a computing system





        1. Range - Superstore Home and Leisure Ltd
        1. Devon, United Kingdom)


        1. Control Assistant      (08/2005 - 10/2006)


Duties involved:


  • Merchandising
  • Price checking
  • Stock taking
  • Odering goods from Suppliers
  • Dealing with invoices and warehouse
  • Booking on a system invoices
  • Controlling level of stock in a superstore (increasing/ decreasing)
  • Labeling
  • Sales promotions
  • Advertising promotions
  • Dealing with suppliers from China on a phone
  • Approaching customers on a shop floor
  • Data input on daily basis
  • Worked under strict deadlines with main head office (Daily Bulletins)
  • Personal Assistant to the Operation Manager
  • Assisting shopfloor staff how to use pricing software
  • Identifying supplier by product code/ barcode


The Coffee Bar

(Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom)


General Kitchen Assistant  (05/2005 – 08/2005)


Duties involved:


  • making different types of coffee
  • preparing food
  • cleaning the coffee bar
  • till handling
  • dealing with the customers



Safeway Superstores (New Name - Morrisons Superstores)

(Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom)


Checkout Assistant   (10/2004 — 05/2005)


Duties involved:

  • servicing the customers on checkouts
  • money handling
  • making the working till place clean and tidy


Safeway Superstores (New Name - Morrisons Superstores)

(Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom)


General Kitchen Assistant  (08/2004 — 10/2004)


Duties involved:


  • preparing and serving meals
  • washing up duties
  • providing service to the customers
  • making balk amounts of food from the suppliers
  • ensuring the areas are clean and tidy






(Portsmouth, Herts, United Kingdom)


General Kitchen Assistant  (01/2004 – 08/2004)


Duties involved:


  • ensuring the areas are clean and tidy
  • preparing and serving meals
  • washing up duties
  • providing service to the customers
  • making balk amounts of food from the suppliers



(Portsmouth, Herts, United Kingdom)


Xmas Gifts Packing/ Picking Assistant (10/2003 — 12-2003)


Duties involved:


  • packing potpourris on a production line


Cantenberry Strawberry Farm

        1. United Kingdom)

General farm assistant  (05/2003 – 09/2003)


Duties involved:


  • picking fresh strawberries
  • picking apples and pears
  • picking raspberries
  • making glass house looking tidy and clean
  • packing berries in plastic trays







  Zhytomyr National Agroecological University


2000-2003 – Daytime studying

2008-2010 – red diploma (daytime studying)


Specialty  “Manager  of External Economic Activity”


School #7 – Novograd – Volynskiy town, Zhytomyr Region


1989 – 2000 – finished school with “Silver Medal”.


  1. Knowledge

Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, Paint, PDF Reader), Internet – professional user, good experience of property sales, products sales on Amazon/ eBAY in the USA, preparation of documents for English/ USA solicitors (tenants, buyers, news-papers,sellers, new employees), team leader in English business environment,  business letter writing, communication with English/ American entrepreneurs.  


  1. Category TRANSLATION
    Native Ukraine/ Russian to English.
    + High quality translations:
    - English - Russian – Ukrainian;
    - Ukrainian- Russian-English
    + SEO friendly texts.

    2. Category ADMIN SUPPORT:

+ Head of HR Department;

+ Supervisor of Amazon/ eBAY Sales Managers;
+ Data Entry
+ Research
+ Mailing List Development
+ Word Processing

+ Excel Processing

+ Data Entry Processing



Specialist RED diploma in “Manager of External Economy Activities”

Driving License (category “B”)

Silver Medal (School graduation)

EDCL Computer Course in The Learning Centre, Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

Distinction “Certificate of Art School”



Fluent English Language

Fluent Ukrainian Language

Spoken Polish Language

Fluent Russian Language

Basic German Language


Personal Information

Hobby: travelling, enjoying exploring new heritages, listening to the music, fashion, reading books of Robert Kiyosaky “How To Become a Millionaire”, driving, dancing, riding horses.


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Full time

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